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Expo Electronica,2020

Pulished on Dec. 17, 2019

14-16 Apr. 2020 by IVY METERING

Dear friends,

To keep up with the time and close to our customer, We'll pay a visit to Russia and exhibit our products.

We believe our booth will be welcomed by customers and become different due to your partcipation.

Our products mainly including latching relay with wide load capacity, current transfomer with high accuracy,

Shunt and assembly with customized design and even end products with IOT technology.

Welcome to join us and have a further discussion on flexible metering solutions.

Thank you for reading this and wish you a nice day, More info plz access www.ivy-metering.com

Date:14 - 16 April 2020

Booth No:7Address: Trada-Exhibition Complex “CROCUS CITY",65-66 KM MKAR,P/O《KRASNOGORSK-4,KRASNOGORSK Moscow, Russia

Kindest regards,

Ivy Metering


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