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Current transformer (CT) is an instrument for measuring the high current from the primary side into the low current from the secondary side according to the principle of electromagnetic induction.A current transformer consists of a closed core and winding.As an important equipment of power system, current transformer is of great significance to line protection and electricity meter measurement.


Our company specializes in the production of current transformers,CT without DC immunity , CT with DC immunity, high accuracy current transformers, split core CT(open core CT), smart CT, anti-tamper current transformers, power CT etc, which can be widely used in energy meter, medical equipment, circuit protection, switch cabinet, generator, motor control unit etc.


From traditional tape to plastic material, from class1.0 to class 0.01, from Non DC immunity type to DC immunity, from standard version to customized design, from simple measurement to intelligent communication, there is always a suitable device for you. Visit for more choices and one-stop services.