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Relay is a kind of electrical control device. It is an electrical appliance that causes a predetermined step change of the controlled quantity in the electrical output circuit when the change of the input quantity (the excitation quantity) reaches the specified requirements.Usually used in automated control circuits, it is actually an "automatic switch" that uses a small current to control the operation of a large current.Therefore, it plays a role of automatic regulation, safety protection and conversion circuit in the circuit.


Our latching relay including magnetic latching relay, magnetic immune latching relay. The capacity is wide form 32A/60A/64A/90A/100A/120A/150A/200A so it also named high power relay. They have 1/2/3 pole type which can be used in single phase/dual way/ tri-phase control for example 3P relay.You will see 500mT permanent magnetic immunity and compact size are compatible.Whats more most of them are certified by TUV lab and passed IEC62055-31 UC2 UC3 test.We can also offer tailored design of terminal based on your application.


For choosing a suitable magnetic relay breaker for smart grid, energy meters, remote control device,RCCB, smart RMU, solar panels, charging piles & AC EV car charger, smart lighting system, power distribution cabinet... you can refer to our passage # How to Choose the Suitable Latching Relay. Or you can leave your message and get free technical support & switching solution from IVY. Switching & metering solutions are just at your fingertip.