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We are not only the latching relay manufacturer, but also exclusive / sole sales center of WJ brand high power relay, general purpose relay, PCB relay, miniature relay,relay socket,SPDT/DPDT relay and changeover switch. Power relay is different from latching relay coz power relay is monostable relay however latching relay is bistable relay.


WJ short for WANJIA, have been producing and supplying JQX series power relay from 40A to 200A range to market,widely used in online UPS power supply, servio stabilizer,regulator,roller door,grass cutter,TV,fridge,metering device, bump cars,automatic equipment, chicken feeder, motors, house-hold appliances, office equipment etc.


Most products passed UL,CQC,TUV,VDE with factory comply with ISO9001, ISO14001, it makes our products have good sales in Middle east, East Asia, USA etc. We are open to any customers from any parts of the world to negotiate the business and cooperate by any flexible ways like ODM/OEM.