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  • 0-600A AC DC Current Measuring Shunt Sensor Module with RS485-interface

0-600A AC DC Current Measuring Shunt Sensor Module with RS485-interface

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Product parameters

Prouduct Details

  • SCRXXU41A is a single phase smart power sensor with RS485 communication, which integrates information collection, real-time monitoring, analysis and prediction, safety alarm, energy consumption monitoring, remote control and other functions. It is widely used in various electrical appliances, electromechanical equipment, and is effective Realize remote interconnection, safety prevention and control, fault prediction, preventive maintenance, energy saving and consumption reduction. Compare with other current sensors and leakage sensors on the market, This smart sensor with shunt has following characteristics:

  • Current Load Up to 600A, AC/DC Measurement

  • Compact Size with Built-in RS485 communication

  • Measuring electrical parameters and Real-time Sensing

  • Withstand Voltage to 4kVac

  • KWh, kVarh Readable, Active Cl.1/Reactive Cl.2

  • Real-time Data Readout: Voltage, current, power, frequency, power factor, demand, temperature

Real-time Sensing Single Phase Smart Power Sensor with RS485 Communication

Product Parameters

  • Measuring Voltage Range: 0~450V

  • Measuring Current Range: 5(300)A;0.25A~300A

  • Frequency: 50-60Hz

  • Accuracy Class: 1

  • Reference Standard: IEC62052-11、IEC62053-21

  • Starting Current: 0.004Ib

  • Power Consumption: ≦30mA(5~18v)

  • Constant: 1000imp/kWh

  • Installation: Din Rail Type

  • Dimension: 14.2*15.5*21mm

  • Operation Temperature: -40~80℃

  • Related Humidity: ≦75%

  • Communication: RS485