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Egypt Power Grid Reform & SM Components

Pulished on Feb. 01, 2021

Presumably everyone has heard that due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Egyptian Electricity Transmission Company (EETC) has recently postponed the tender for the construction of interconnected power lines between Egypt and Saudi Arabia. It was initially expected that all contracts would be signed before the end of May 2020. The delay may be as long as 60 days. The project was first negotiated in 2010, but it was postponed several times due to political reasons. In 2014, Egypt and Saudi Arabia resumed negotiations and tendered for cables, lines and substations. Thanks to this cooperation, Saudi Arabia will benefit from Egypt’s energy potential.

What I am going to talk about today is Egypt’s own power grid reform, which has recently aroused extensive discussions in the international market. We saw that Egypt decided to take ancient Egypt to the smart city of the future early on, and decided to replace 500K smart meters in the next 5 years. This means that from now on, this market with huge potential will use smart meters on a large scale to a new era of remote communication and remote on-off. This is extremely exciting news for suppliers of accessories.

As a component brand recognized by predecessors & popular among young people, IVY METERING will continue to focus on energy management and light up a better life as our mission. The relays, transformers, shunts, components, IOT modules, and various Parts are also officially recommended brands by many national power companies. For example, Indias IEEMA endorses us and regards us as the preferred supplier of components~

In Egypt, we have come into contact with many relay needs, among which 100A 120A, single three-phase Russia is mostly. What kind of challenges will we face this time? Aiming at the 80A 100A meter with GPRS 4G & G3-PLC required by the Egyptian market, this time we will introduce our 90A and 120A relays with UC2/UC3 and various communication modules.

Accessories are not the focus of this article. How to help more countries move towards an intelligent age and a better life is our unremitting pursuit. For more IVY stories, please go to