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New Energy Market of Russia

Pulished on Feb. 08, 2021

In the latest outlook reports published by the International Energy Agency (IEA), the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) and OPEC (OPEC), we can find that governments of all countries are strengthening the development of new energy and energy efficiency and promoting electric vehicles. In the Ruby Exhibition Center in Moscow, Russia, there is an exhibition on Russian new energy products and new energy vehicles every year. It is not difficult to find that Russia’s demand for new energy is increasing day by day.

In the past, we thought that Russia is rich in oil resources, and that traditional gasoline and diesel are cheap, so they are naturally more sought after. We thought that electric car charging piles might not be as popular in this country as we imagined. The facts have proved that electric vehicles have received widespread attention in the current market for the following reasons:

1. There are too many uncertain factors in the crude oil market, and oil prices are difficult to predict. Petroleum resources are not inexhaustible. Every country is actively looking for better resources. Renewable resources appear in front of everyone again and again.

2. International politics and economy As the new crown epidemic has become elusive, crude oil has been on the cusp of the storm. No one knows what the international situation will become in the next second, and what will oil look like?

3. There are frequent extreme climates around the world, some hot places suddenly have rain and snow, nature sends out warning signals, so we have to put environmental protection in a more important position

4. The strong promotion of electric vehicles requires policy support in addition to environmental protection. The current new energy vehicles and license plates are basically cheaper and more convenient than traditional options.

Of course, the above is only our speculation as a neighbor. We believe that there are more reasons for this country to see the benefits of new energy. In the final analysis, it is to make everyone's life more convenient.

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Where there is switching, there is IVY, where there is charging pile, there is IVY. We will vigorously help the development of the new energy market in Russia, and use Chinese quality, Chinese-made, and Chinese-spirit components to push PV, energy storage, ev, new energy to the top.