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Smart home ecosystem & Electronic Components

Pulished on Jan. 28, 2021

As everyone knows, many Chinese manufacturers have devoted themselves to smart homes very early, and have successively developed smart sockets, smart TVs, smart refrigerators, smart fans, smart curtains, smart home control displays, and then combined with artificial intelligence speakers to realize everything. Interconnection, from IOT to IOE. The concept of smart home ecosystem came into being, so what exactly is it?

The smart home ecosystem belongs to the field of smart homes. It is a structured system that can be combined with various electronic functional modules to provide an intelligent and adjustable environment for humans or other animals. Including voice command acquisition unit , Hybrid power supply device, central processing unit, Wifi module, infrared module, environmental detection module, electrical equipment control module, video monitoring unit: including sequential connected analog cameras, etc. Speaking of this huge and advanced system, we have to reveal the relationship between them and electronic components.

First of all, the equipment we understand is working because there is a power supply device. This time the power supply module appears in front of you. Of course, if you are worried about power accidents, you may be equipped with an isolation module or choose a two-in-one power isolation module, Two-in-one communication isolation module and more.

Secondly, the on-off function we understand can also be said to be a switch function. It needs to be realized by a relay or breaker. For example, if you have a remote on-off device in your smart home system, there must be a relay or switch in it. In most cases, the manufacturer will choose to use a latching relay. Of course, only the relay can't realize the remote function. We also need to use various communications such as Wifi, so modules such as wifi infrared communication also need to be purchased.

Thirdly, you can't build a smart meter without the measurement of electric energy and monitoring of various data. This may need current transformer or smart sensor. If you want this current transformer to be more advanced, perhaps you will choose RS485, M-bus and other functions.Instead of calling this advanced ct as smart CT, it is better to call it current sensor or smart sensor.

All in all, the huge ecosystem consists of modules with various electronic functions, and we are here to help you choose these modules. In the past few years, we have taught you the classification of relays, how to choose relay, and how to test them when they are bought back. What is the principle of ct, how to install the leakage sensor and how to use a Lora sensor in an ecosystem of smart home etc.It is our responsibility to escort the smart home system.“focus on energy management, light up better life”is IVY’s mission.