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Company Profile

Established in 2010, IVY METERING Co., Ltd. is a Chinese leading designer and manufacturer of electrical components for energy management and industrial field. With factory located in Zhejiang and sales center in Shanghai for lean managment.

Product Series

Our product series includes various of latching relay,current transformer, shunt resistor,smart metering / communication/power supply modules, customizable integrated assembly etc.

Ivy Metering Co., Ltd.

Latching Relay

Latching Relay can be devided in magnetic latching relay and magnetic immune latching relay. With wide range from 32A to 200A, they comply with IEC62055-31 UC2 / UC3 certificates by stable performance. Same time they suits for remote control device, smart prepaid meter, lighting system, solar panel as switching control and energy conservation.

Current Transformer

Current Transformer adopts glue technology and plastic casing instead of traditional method. With high accuracy Class 1 / 0.5 / 0.5s / 0.01 / 0.02, it can be used for measuring inside of energy meter. Open core current transformer can be used with meter to ensure measurement range.

Ivy Metering Co., Ltd.

Shunt Resistor

Shunt Resistor made from material combination of Cu-Manganin-Cu by EBW technology. Well received by meter factory for basic meter due to economic on cost and well-matched on design. Lowest TCR-value and stable performance can not be ignored as well.

Smart Module

Smart Metering Module including smart sensor with shunt, smart sensor with terminal, smart sensor with ct, smart ct with M-bus, smart ct with LoRamesh, which can be used for energy measuring, leakage monitoring, detection and alarming in EV car charger and medical machine and so on. Supplying components with competitive prices is just tip of iceberg, we more focus on customized solutions based on technical and business requirements. IVY METERING make metering easier.