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Pulished on Nov. 03, 2022

With the rapid development of the modern traditional automobile industry, environmental and energy issues are becoming increasingly prominent. To this end, people began to explore and develop new energy-powered vehicles to solve the current crisis. Among them, electric vehicles with zero-emission characteristics have become the focus of attention and the object of development in various countries. However, if it is used in practice, the first thing that needs to be solved is the problem of charging and battery life, and thus the charging pile for electric vehicles came into being. Charging piles are mostly located in fixed locations, and their functions are similar to traditional gas stations. In these electric piles, the current sensor, as a power measuring element, plays an important role in monitoring the charging process and ensuring charging safety.

In the process that the charging pile converts the alternating current into standard form of direct current or alternating current and transmits it to the car battery, the normal size of the current in the conversion system at all levels is a necessary condition to ensure the safe and smooth progress of the charging process. The current sensor in the charging pile can Accurately measure the current on key system links, and timely detect and report internal abnormal conditions, such as leakage, so as to avoid the occurrence of safety accidents.

EV charging requires residual current sensors to meet new standards, including IEC 62752 and IEC 60364-7-722, and to avoid hazardous situations when the vehicle battery (DC) is connected to household power (AC). Sensors are critical for detecting leakage currents that can flow through the IC-CPD into the battery and then into the Type A/B residual current device (RCD), shutting down the RCD's safety features. IVY offers a sensor based on the magnetic gate principle that provides excellent resolution and accuracy even under harsh electrical and environmental conditions. This compact sensor design is ideal for IC-CPDs, but can also be used with a wall-mounted charging case for Mode 3 charging.

Integrating IVY leakage current sensors into IC-CPDs or wall boxes can provide EV charging electronics with full current sensitivity and electrical safety at low cost. If the sensor detects a fault current, the corresponding output will change its state. Design variants with integrated primary conductors for single-phase or three-phase systems as well as through variants are available. From a thermal design perspective, the MD0630T01A is capable of handling up to 200 A of full load current. The measurement range of differential current is between 2 and 100 mA. From DC to kHz, the measurement resolution is 0.2mA, fully compatible with European and American standards.