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  • MD0630T01A Mode 2 EVSE PCB Mount RCD 6mA DC 30mA AC GFCI Protection Earth Leakage Current Transformer
  • MD0630T01A Mode 2 EVSE PCB Mount RCD 6mA DC 30mA AC GFCI Protection Earth Leakage Current Transformer
  • MD0630T01A Mode 2 EVSE PCB Mount RCD 6mA DC 30mA AC GFCI Protection Earth Leakage Current Transformer

MD0630T01A Mode 2 EVSE PCB Mount RCD 6mA DC 30mA AC GFCI Protection Earth Leakage Current Transformer

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Product parameters

Product Overview

MD0630T01A is a high sensitivity AC DC leakage current sensor which has the characteristics of accurate measurement, small size and integration. The leakage sensor can be set separately for AC and DC leakage. An alarm signal is generated when the set current is reached. The leakage sensor has a digital output function, which can directly read the current value of DC and AC. Which can also be called residual current sensor, residual current monitor (RCM), residual current device (RCD), differential current sensor, leakage current detector and fault current sensor etc. “Residual current” refers to the leakage current from an electrical system to the ground, often as a result of a “ground fault”. Leakage currents can flow through a human body to ground resulting in a risk of electric shock, injury or burns, and can cause overheating and risk of fire. It is intended to provide protection against electric shock and leakage current detection for AC & DC Application.

MD0630T01A is a Type B RCD/RCM. A device which monitors the residual current in an electrical installation and activates an alarm when the residual current exceeds the operating value of the device. It is able to withstand and properly function in the presence of a DC residual current component exceeding 6 mA. To satisfy new standards including IEC 62955, IEC 62752, IEC 61851-1,and UL 2231-1 etc, the charging of electric vehicles requires leakage current sensors to avoid hazardous situations in cases where the vehicle battery(DC) is connected to the home power supply(AC). Generally, AC DC Sensitive residual current sensors can be used where DC and AC circuits are directly connected and therefore AC DC leakage currents occur. MD Series RCD suitable for many industries including electric vehicle charger, photovoltaic systems, industrial device, medical device, new energy field, DC screen, fire distribution cabinet, IOT field etc.

MD0630T01A CE/TUV/UL Standard EVSE Protection Type B RCD 6mA DC 30mA AC Leakage Current Sensor

Product Features

1. Complies with the DC and AC protection requirements of IEC62752 or IEC62955

2. Small Size, Integration Design, Vertical(Pin, Pin&Cable Type)/Horizontal(Cable Type) Mounting Optional

3. Integrated self-monitoring and test functions; 3000A surge withstand capability

4. AC DC Leakage Data Readable; Alarm Value Programmable; 3 Way Alarm Outputs; Digital Output

5. URAT Comm, with Modbus Protocol; Standard: EN 61000-6-3:2007+A1 ,EN IEC 61000-6-1:2019

6. Professional Certification: TUV(IEC 62955/IEC 62752/IEC 61851-1); UL 2231-1/UL 2231-2; CE-EMC 

7. Type B RCD/RCMU for EV Charger Protection; Electrical Safety at Low Cost (Compared to Type B RCCB)

8. Robust Mechanical and Electrical Design for Harsh Environmental Conditions

Product Parameters

  • Wide voltage input: 12V±20%

  • Measuring current range: DC current 2-15mA; AC current 3-100mA (default threshold: DC 6mA, AC 30mA)

  • Accuracy : at 25℃, DC±0,2mA, AC±0.3mA

  • Can read current value and set alarm current value

  • Three outputs: DC alarm, AC alarm, AC/DC alarm

  • Working environment temperature: -25℃~+80℃

  • Plastic case, small SIP package

MD Series RCD Application

MD series RCD/RCM are used where DC residual currents could occur, in addition to normal AC, can detect high-frequency AC and pure DC earth leakage currents. 

In the case of GFCI, a ground fault current therefore refers to any current other than the load current. The ground fault current may flow through a persons body or through a fault in equipment or wiring anywhere on the load side of the GFCI. The key factor in the ability of the GFCI to detect a ground fault current and provide protection is the connection of the supply neutral conductor to earth at the origin of the installation.

Although the load current will typically be in the amperes range, the differential current In will generally be in the milliamps range. Typical maximum values of in the USA are 6mA for personal shock protection, 30mA for equipment protection, and 300mA for fire protection.

It is worth noting that the normal human body resistance for most people is in the range 1000 - 2000 Ohms, but for some people it may be as low as 500 ohms, so for a touch voltage of 120V the current through the body will generally be in excess of 50mA.

6mA versus 30mA Operating Thresholds.

MD0630T01A IEC62752 UL2231 Standard Residual Current Device 6mA DC 30mA AC Leakage Current Sensor