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Expo Electronica 2021(Delay Due to COVID-19)

Pulished on Apr. 15, 2020

What‘s New About IVY at # Expo Electronica 2021 


Expo: Expo Electronica

Date: Apr 14~16th,2021

Booth No: 7


КРОКУС-ЭКСПО г. Москва, Торгово-выставочный комплекс, корпу


With the advancement of science and technology, people's measurement and management of electrical energy are becoming more and more advanced and intelligent. The most important thing for a power plant or user is the quality of the meter. In essence, the quality of the meter's accessories determines the life, accuracy, and durability of the meter.


IVY Metering Co., Ltd. is a professional Chinese enterprise specializing in smart metering accessories and metering equipment. At present, the company's accessories products include: magnetic latching relay, motor latching relay, shunt, current transformer, power module, communication module,smart sensor, battery, terminal,LCD, LED, keyboard, screw , peals,housing , base, mold, PCB, etc.


Recommended hot products are:100A 120 Latching relay with UC certificate,PCB current transformer and 80A 120A current transformer which can meet cos(fi)=0.5 and 3 In 1 relay assembly including relay, ct ,shunt and terminal,etc.Click for more details


A strong R & D team can meet all your needs, from independent modules to screws, as you want, IVY can provide you!  Because professional, so international!


IVY: Global switching & metering solution Leader

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