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7th Electreic Vehicle Asia (EVA)2023

Pulished on May. 19, 2023

IVY METERING at # Electreic Vehicle Asia (EVA)2023


Expo: 7th Electreic Vehicle Asia (EVA)2023


Date: 30 AUGUST - 1 SEPTEMBER 2023


Booth No: B55


Show Details:

The show will help to create a network of integrated development for electric vehicle and also a platform for industry experts to share knowledge on the technologies, innovations and sciences behind electric vehicle from Thailand and abroad.


Show Description:

Electric Vehicle Asia is fully recognized by EV professionals across the region as an outstanding business platform for the entire value chain and also as the regional meeting point for researchers, policy makers, entrepreneurs, and manufacturers to exchange views, establish partnerships and most of all do business. The show is the longest running event in Thailand on electric vehicle technology. There will be showcases of cutting-edge technologies from some of the world's leading brands ranging from infrastructure, power conversion, systems, parts and the important components of batteries, charging stations and more.


A-level AC and DC Metering Solution for EVPV

Single phase and three phase din rail meters are very common in Europe but bi-directional metering function and MID approved, CE-EMC CE-LVD compliant is new requirements for smart metering in EV charging and solar system. DC metering of power energy with wide range of 10-240A/2000A, 8-48VDC/40-400VDC/5-1000VDC can not be ignored as well.


mA-level Measuremen and Leakage Protection for EVPV

Residual current (leakage current) is also a difficult problem that manufacturers of EV charging piles and solar panels want to solve. DC6mA AC30mA is the default value of leakage signal output. The existing type A RCD can only in the detection of pulsating dc leakage from 6 mA dc current interference, and can’t detect dc leakage and disconnect protection, when DC leakage is more than 6 mA, due to the DC residual current will cause core magnetization in advance, make tripping value deviation, lead to type A RCD can’t normal movement. Therefore, type B RCD or A+6mA protection must be used! IVY offers 10+ RCMs for monitoring and providing shock protection and fault protection on AC and DC installations and for EV charging applications.

Switching Solutions for EVPV

AC switching elements are a crucial part of safety and protection function in charging stations and cables. Key parts of the IVY line-up are the 40A IM-NE801A 2 pole power relay and 60A IM601 spst latching relay. Both types are availabe with a mirror contact according to IEC 60947-1 and VDE / TUV/UL approvals. They can be used in the latest generation of wallboxes which fulfill either IEC 61851-1 or the recent IEC 62955 norm.


7th Electreic Vehicle Asia (EVA)2023

Thanks again for your reading and involving, it's never too late to learn these EV and PV solutions, if you are interested to meet us offline, welcome to reserve electreic vehicle asia (EVA)2023 with us.



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