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IM-M1001D/IM-M1201T: A New Force in Motor Latching Relays

Pulished on Dec. 05, 2022

The development of the relay industry has a history of nearly two hundred years. Various types of relays have been derived in the process. Among them, the holding relay can be said to be the best in the circuit application of infrequent switching due to its characteristics of self-holding and low energy consumption. It is unique, especially widely used in smart electric meters, electric vehicle charging piles, and street lamp control systems.

At present, holding relays mainly use magnetic holding and mechanical locking devices. In recent years, motor-type holding relays have overcome many shortcomings of holding relays, and as a new force of holding relays, they have begun to enter the market. When the magnetic latching relay is vibrated by external force, the problem of state switching may occur. At the same time, because the contact pressure is not large enough, a slight size change may also cause a huge change in the contact state or pressure. In addition, the magnetic latching relay will be in May not work properly when disturbed by an external magnetic field. Mechanical holding relays have complex structures, difficult assembly, and problems such as failure to achieve normal on-off when affected by external magnetic field interference, and have been phased out of the relay market. Traditional motor-type holding relays have a series of problems such as large size, high cost, short mechanical life, and long operating time. It is seldom able to achieve normal switching through simple structure stability.

The small motor holding relay mentioned this time, its internal unique gear structure and special transmission mode, can be realized with a small amount of copper in structure, which greatly saves the use of copper materials and costs, and at the same time This structural feature makes the contact pressure very high, there is no secondary rebound, and the contact will not vibrate due to the electromagnetic induction force of the current. It can easily realize automatic assembly and automatic testing, and greatly improve the use efficiency. In addition, the over-travel design method can ensure that the motor maintains the consistency of the quality of the relay. The iron shielding shell of the small motor greatly improves the anti-magnetic field ability of the relay, and generally can work normally in the magnetic field environment of 400/500mT. Reasonable transmission design and matching design of the motor make the opening and closing time of the relay only tens of milliseconds.

IVY recently launched two new motor relays, IM-M1001D 100A two-group motor relay and IM-M1201T 120A three-phase motor relay. The volume is super compact, the internal structure is upgraded, the contact withstand voltage is 4000VAC, and the fault current closing capacity is up to 6000A. Under the same electrical specifications, these two relays are the smallest in the relay industry. As a new force of holding relays, motor holding relays, I believe that in the near future, they will be developed and applied in more industries with their outstanding highlights, and the majority of relay industry demanders will also take a fancy to their features and advantages and apply them to them. in the project equipment.