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IVY EM619001 bidirectional DC meter, the best choice for DC fast charging energy measurement

Pulished on Jan. 05, 2023

As the number of electric vehicles on the road continues to increase, "range anxiety" has always been the biggest concern around the battery life of power batteries. On the one hand, the development of new materials brings hope to improve the power density of power batteries. On the other hand, the extensive construction of charging infrastructure can make "powering up" as easy as "refueling".

Among them, the development of DC fast charging technology with higher current and higher voltage can effectively solve the industry pain point of "mileage anxiety". According to the DC charger defined by the International Electrotechnical Commission standard IEC 61851-23, from wall-mounted or column-style 25kW low-power DC piles to integrated or discrete 350kW super fast charging stations (stacks), EM619001 DC meter launched by IVY Metering can meet the DC metering requirements of full-power charging pile products.

Compared with AC charging piles, the metering requirements of DC charging piles on the output side, the certification threshold is higher, and the development is more difficult. Customers often do not adopt the self-developed solution of the metering module, but prefer to look for high-performance DC energy meters, which directly meet the regulatory requirements of specific countries or regions, so as to shorten the entire project cycle and development costs.

At the same time, EM619001 can work in bidirectional metering scenarios. When the electric vehicle converts the DC power stored in the high-voltage battery pack into AC power through V2G piles or V2L piles, or generates electricity for the grid, or directly supplies power to AC loads off-grid, install the two-way pile (or terminal) of the smart meter EM619001 It can also calculate the discharge power and meet the regulatory requirements at the same time, thereby helping electric vehicle owners realize the business model of "selling electricity". More information about EM619001 plz refer to Manufacture , Exporter China, Factory China,Latch Relay, EV charger parts, RCM, Sensor, RCD Factory (