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Knowledge Sharing of DCDC Power Isolation Module

Pulished on Oct. 22, 2020

DC/DC power module with its small volume, rapid conversion, convenient use of the obvious characteristics. It can be widely used in instruments, communication, network, industrial control, railway, military and other fields.


DC/DC means direct current (that is, the conversion of different DC voltage values). The principle of implementation is generally to convert the input DIRECT current into alternating current through a self-excited oscillation circuit, and then to convert the output to direct current after changing the voltage through a transformer.


Generally, we choose DCDC power module to consider several aspects:

A. Rated power

B. Encapsulation

C. Temperature range

D. Operating frequency

E. Isolation voltage and surge

F. Power consumption and efficiency


The following is a brief explanation of the considerations for each parameter:

1. Rated power

It is generally recommended that the actual power used should be 30 ~ 80% of the rated power of the module power supply. Within this power range, the performance of all aspects of the module power supply is relatively full and stable.All module power supplies have a certain overload capacity, but it is still not recommended to work under overload conditions for a long time, after all, this is a short-term emergency measure.


2. Encapsulation

The external dimensions and output forms of DC/DC converters vary greatly.The small power products adopt the sealed shell, and the shape is very slender;High-power products often adopt the form of quarter-brick or half-brick, the circuit is exposed or wrapped with the shell.In the selection, you need to pay attention to the following two aspects: first, whether the pins are in the same plane;Second, whether it is easy to weld.

Consider these three areas when making a choice:

(1) The volume should be as small as possible under certain power conditions, so as to give other parts of the system more space and more functions;

(2) Try to choose in line with the international standard packaging products, because the compatibility is better, not limited to one or two suppliers;

(3) Should have the expansibility, facilitate the system expansion and upgrade.All conform to the international standard, for the industry widely used half brick, full brick packaging, and half brick products power range of 50 ~ 200W, full brick products cover 100 ~ 300W.(Brick is the industry name for module size)


3. Temperature range

Module power supply manufacturer, there is generally a few temperature range products available for selection: commercial grade, industrial grade, military-grade, etc., must consider when choosing module power supply of the actual needs of working temperature range, because temperature level different prices in different materials and manufacturing processes can vary widely, improper choice can also affect the use, so have to think twice.First, the nominal temperature range of the module must strictly meet the actual needs or even a little margin.The second is to choose according to the temperature range, and then reduce the amount used.In other words, choose products with larger power or package, so that the temperature rise will be lower, which can alleviate this contradiction to a certain extent.

PS: Commodity grade (0 ℃ to +70 ℃);Industrial grade (-40 ℃ to +85 ℃);Military grade (-55 ℃ to +125 ℃)


4. Working frequency

Generally speaking, the higher the working frequency is, the smaller the output ripple noise will be and the better the dynamic response of the power supply will be. However, the higher the requirements are for components, especially magnetic materials, the higher the cost will be.


5. Simple concept of isolated voltage and surge

Of course, DCDC power module is divided into isolated and non-isolated type, most of the circuit must achieve isolation, namely the load and the load on the local power supply noise and other load and noise network separated.Mainly used for the protection of personal and electrical safety.

A surge is a transient overvoltage beyond the normal operating voltage, known as transient pulse voltage, transient overvoltage.The surge may come from outside the electrical installation or from within the electrical installation, i.e. from the electrical equipment within the electrical installation.An external surge caused by lightning or the switching of a utility grid switch. Both types of harmful power disturbances can disrupt the operation of computer and microcomputer information processing systems and cause shutdown or permanent equipment damage.According to the survey, 60% of the faulty electrical products during the warranty period were caused by power surges.


6. Power consumption and efficiency

Generally, the lower the module power consumption, the higher the efficiency, the lower the temperature rise and the longer the life.Of course, the smaller the loss is, the more energy saving it is.


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