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Notes of Using Magnetic Latching Relay

Pulished on Oct. 20, 2020

We once shared two kinds of latching relays,For example IVY's magnetic holding relays and motor relays, today we want to share the notes of using magnetic latching relay.Before that, let's recall what a magnetic latched relay is.As a kind of relay, magnetic latching relay is also a kind of automatic switch, which can automatically put on and cut off the circuit.So what should be paid attention to when magnetic latching relay is used?


1.The structure characteristics of magnetic holding relay shall be limited, and the installation shall be as follows:

Do not move the relay pin forcefully to prevent deformation and internal parameter changes;

The two leads of the relay are hard connected products. Screws on the two leads should be screwed in first and then tightened with tools, otherwise the relay is easy to be damaged.

Do not open the relay housing without permission, improper operation will cause the change of relay performance parameters and foreign body immersion, leading to relay failure;

If the installation height of the relay is inconsistent with the terminal of the case, do not correct it by yourself and return it to the manufacturer;

When using electric soldering iron, the power of electric soldering iron shall be ≤60W;

The welding time should be ≤2S.

When fixing the relay with fixed parts, the material of fixed parts should not be made of iron, and the fixed parts should not have a large squeezing effect on the relay.

When the relay is taken or moved, it should be directly in contact with the relay body, and be handled with ease. Never pull or pull the sampling line or pick up or lift the relay through the sampling line.

Once the relay lands, it shall be isolated and sent to the manufacturer for qualified testing before use.


2. Special notices

The resistance value of manganese copper and the specification of brush wire should correspond to the capacity of electricity meter, which can ensure the quality and safety;

Three-phase relay should be preferred when built-in relay is used in three-phase watt-hour meter.

The maximum voltage applied to the coil of the magnetic latching relay for a short time shall be 200% of the rated voltage;

Brush wire is braided by many strands of fine copper wire, its length is affected by the tightness of a certain change, is a normal phenomenon;

The overall softness of brush wire sleeve silica gel tube and heat-shrinkable tube will decrease, which is a normal phenomenon.

During the operation of the relay, the magnet assembly automatically searches for the slight sound from the center of the shaft, which has no influence on the quality of the product.

To prevent premature aging, failure and parameter change of the internal parts of the relay.

Suggestion: The limiting function and temperature protection function of the maximum current should be added to the electricity meter. When the current and temperature in the meter exceed the allowable value and allowed time, the circuit should be cut off to ensure the safety and reliability of the electricity meter. 

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