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What are The Core Materials of CT

Pulished on Oct. 22, 2020

Last week I Shared with you the types of CT, and today we're going to look at the core materials. Most companies in industrial control industry now are not strict with accuracy will use silicon steel sheet, better is likely to use 30 q130 specification, that is to say the thickness of 0.3 mm silicon steel, for high precision requirements, many companies use of crystal alloy, or permalloy,I would like to share with you the core material of IVY'S CT.

First of all, let's popularize to give you a tiny current transformer core material:In order to meet the high precision requirements of mutual inductance, advanced ultramicrystal materials are adopted. Ultramicrystal is also called nano-amorphous..It's a new kind of magnetic material.Ultramicrystalline magnetic cores are popular because of their advantages such as high permeability, high rectangular ratio, low core loss and high temperature stability.

The ultramicrystalline magnetic core has high saturation magnetic induction, high permeability, low coerce, low loss and good stability.High wear resistance, high corrosion resistance and low price. In all the metal soft magnetic material core has the best cost performance. The material used to make the microcrystalline iron core is known as "green material ". Widely used to replace silicon steel. Permo alloy and ferrite. Main transformers, control transformers, wave inductors, energy storage inductors, reactors, magnetic amplifiers, saturated reactor magnetic cores for various forms of high frequency (-KHZ) switching power supplies. EMC filter common mode inductance and differential mode inductance core, IDSN miniature isolating transformer core, also widely used in a variety of similar precision transformer core.

What is the core material of an open core current transformer?

Today, most of the transformer manufacturers do not use mirror treatment, and the fit is not so good. IVY's transformer is made of high-quality ferrite material, and the contact surface is treated with mirror, which is smoother, more tightly fitting, higher permeability and lower loss.

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What are the core materials of CT