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3 Types of Electric Vehicles

Pulished on May. 18, 2021

Are you using an electric car or you are going to buy it? Before that let’s learn what are the different types of electric vehicles. The term electric vehicles (often abbreviated to EV) is an all-encompassing term, which mainly includes 3 types.

All electric vehicles ,also named by battery electric vehicle (BEV)– these are vehicles (cars, vans, buses, bikes, planes,) which are propelled by one or more electric motors, which utilise energy most typically supplied from rechargeable batteries and can be plugged into supporting charging infrastructure (at home and at fuelling stations)

Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles with the short name of FCEV – these are vehicles, which utilise hydrogen as their principal fuel for power. Hydrogen is converted from chemical energy to mechanical energy by reacting oxygen with hydrogen through a fuel cell, which runs an electric motor, hence this type of electrical car is more environment-friendly.

Hybrid electrical vehicles – of which there are two types:

(1)Hybrid electric vehicles (often abbreviated to HEV) – these are vehicles which “charge as you drive”. Typically, a HEV utilises electricity as its power source when driving at lower speed and switches to petrol/diesel at higher speeds. The HEV has no plug-in electricity capability, which makes this model cheaper to buy and less complex than a PHEV.

(2)Plug-in Hybrid electric vehicles (often abbreviated to PHEV) – these are vehicles which typically use a battery to power an internal electric motor, whilst also having access to an internal combustion engine (ICE) too. Typically, the vehicle uses electric power until it is depleted at such time the ICE “kicks in” and fossil fuels would start to be consumed. PHEV represents a “half-way-house“ between ICE and all electric vehicles

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