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EV Charging and EV Charger

Pulished on May. 05, 2021

Do you know how many type of charging up to now? And how many types of charging piles up to now? How to choose the EV components for different EV chargers? As a EV and EV charger components factory, let’s learn the knowledge of EV charger together!

1.How many type of charging?

Essentially, there are 4 types of charging: Slow, Fast, Rapid and Ultra-Rapid or Super Chargers if you sort them as per the speed of charging.AC charging is the most common form of infrastructure primarily found at home, the workplace, on-street or at destinations.Slow charging varies from a domestic 3-pin plug socket (2 – 2kW) to dedicated charge units that are limited to about 3.5kW. Fast chargers are typically rated at around 7kW but can be 11kW or up to 22kW. 50kW rapid chargers are perhaps the most common form of DC charging units with the number of ultra-rapid chargers growing steadily. Ultra-rapid chargers can be 100kW, 150kW or 350kW with Tesla Super Chargers being either 120kW, 150kW or 250kW.

2.How many types of EV charger up to now?
We can divide the car charger into AC car charger and DC car charger. Generally speaking the AC car charger is usually for slow charging, and DC car charger was used for fast charging. Most time you can also try to figure out the speed by the size of battery. The EV charger also composed by portable EV charger, wall-mounted EV charger, residential car charger or outdoor Electric Vehicle charger etc.

3.How to choose the EV components for different EV chargers?

For AC slow car charger station, we recommend to choose PCBA ( basic power supply, chips, flyback transformer, power supply module, communication module etc) PCB ct, EV power relay, current sensor( AC current sensor) etc. If you would like to measure AC current then you may need to choose a AC meter.

For DC car charger station, besides the basic electric components, we recommend DC current sensor or AC DC current transformer and DC meter.

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