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  • 3Ph Smart Sensor

Lora-Mesh Integrated Distance Monitoring Digital Electric Current Sensor

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Product parameters

Product Details

  • ZD1B9001 is a three phase smart sensor which can be used to connect one or more open core cts (up to four) for the measurement and measurement of three-phase electricity, with high accuracy, stable performance, small size, fully sealed, suitable for outdoor installation, convenient installation, and belt There is LoRa communication function of self-organizing network. Mainly used for energy management and monitoring, outdoor installation etc., through the axis module to communicate, read, set and control the information and status of the equipment. Compared with other intellgient sensors on the market, it has the following characteristic:

  • Networking wireless module and antenna with LoRa

  • Three-phase energy measurement, each phase voltage, current (L1, L2, L3 and N), kW, total kWh, total kVarh, total THD (total harmonic distortion), power factor (PF), frequency (F)

  • Fully sealed, lightning strike 4kV, wire length 40-50mm and insulated, suitable for outdoor installation

  • With RTC function, time-related functions such as tariffs can be expanded

  • With IR communication, parameters can be configured through IR

  • Record various data every 5 minutes 24 hours a day

  • It can work even if the two-phase power is cut off

Lora-Mesh Integrated Distance Monitoring Digital Electric Current Sensor

Product Parameters

  • Voltage 3*220V

  • Current 10(300)A

  • Dielectric withstand voltage AC 4000V

  • Accuracy class ±1%

  • Impulse constant 800imp/kWh

  • Rated frequency 50Hz

  • Communication LoRa:433MHm,500mW