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The AC Relays/Contactors circuit applies the AC charging power to the AC output stage for vehicle charging. This circuit also provides a safety cutoff if an abnormal condition is detected. Select high current contactors up to 40A in either single-pole or two-pole configurations to interrupt the high line output or both high and low output. Look for contactors that guarantee long-life contacts that have excellent resistance to oxidation. An alternative to contactors is a PC board (PCB)-mount relay. Select a relay with low coil power consumption to minimize heat generation. Find either contactors or relays that meet applicable UL or IEC standards. 


New energy products, like electric vehicles, must be a trend in the next few days. So more and more fast-charging stations are made and satisfy the need for electric cars' power-charging. IM series AC relays is specially applied to the charging point. It is a high switching capacity for contacts, is a dust-proof or sealed type option, and is environmentally friendly.