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  • IM1002 Smart Meter Parts 100A Coil 12VDC Single Channel Mechanical Latching Relay

IM1002 Smart Meter Parts 100A Coil 12VDC Single Channel Mechanical Latching Relay

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Product parameters

Prouduct Details

Latching relay is a new type of relay which uses magnetic principle to control circuit's on and off. Its normally open and closed state are provided completely by permanent magnet steel'working and completed the conversion of on-off state base on the triggering of a certain width pulse signal.

We are a leading Supplier of Latching Relay for Energy/Smart Meters - IVY. We are supplying latching relays, magnetic latching relays, 90A latching relays, 120A latching relays, 80a latching relays, 60a latching relays, magnetic relays, 80a latching relays with two pole, 100a latching relays, photovoltaic relays, home appliances relays, solar relays, dc power relays, meter relays and many more.

IM1002 is an IEC 62055-31:UC3 certification bistable latching relay built for the global metering market. This relay is able to switch 100 Amps while still maintaining a very low temperature rise. It is also available with an integrated shunt.

IM1002 is ideally designed for electric meters for the global metering market. Our metering customers have been pleased with the product's performance and reliability. Given our ability to understand our customer's needs, we've been able to design, build, and test customized solutions that allow them to receive our products and plug them right into their systems without additional assembly.

Product Feature

100A 250VAC switching capability

UC3 capability as per IEC 62052-31  

4kV dielectric strength between coil and contacts

Miniature Size: 39*30*18.5mm

Custom assemblies available with flex wire and/or copper extensions, and/or with integrated shunt 

RoHS compliant materials and process

Product Parameters

Rated Load: 100A 250VAC

Contact Form: 1A/B

Rated Coil Consumption: 1.5 / 3W(20ms)

Dielectric Strength: 4kV

Contact Material AgSnO2

Compact Size: 39*30*18.5mm

Max. Switching Voltage: 277VAC

Max. Switching Power: 27700VA

Contact Resistance: <2mΩ

Pick-up Time: 20ms

Release Time: 20ms

Electrical Endurance: 5000 Cycles

Mechanical Endurance: 100000 Cycles

Temp.Rise: ≤55K When Ambient 40℃ 

Ambient Temperature: -40℃~70℃

Ambient Humidity: 45%~90%RH