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  • IM1002 UC3 100A 24VDC Single Phase Meter Latch Relays for Electricity Meter

IM1002 UC3 100A 24VDC Single Phase Meter Latch Relays for Electricity Meter

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Product parameters

Prouduct Details

IM1002 is 100A high power magnetic latching relay, As a electromagnetic power relay, it has stable performance and long service life. The miniature latching relay has following characterristics: Cost Efficiency & Surge Protection; Single Coil Double Coil Optional; External Shielding Case Available; RoHS Compliant Materials and Process; Custom Assemblies with Integrated Shunts, Flex-wire and Copper Extensions and Brass Terminals. As a miniature type magnetic relay, it also pass IEC62055-31 UC3 Certified. This safety magnetic switch is also widely used in Energy Meter, RCCB, EV Charger, IOT Device etc.

Our latching series relay are specifically made to cater for the requirements of smart meters, typical features include:

  • Compact in size

  • Low cost and very competitive price

  • Pulse coil driven with negligible energy consumption

  • Choices of single and dual coils

  • Very low temperature rise and minimal coil heat

  • Magnetic immunity and anti-tempering

  • Long mechanical and electrical life

  • Single phase models and polyphase models (with double-pole and three-pole relays available)

  • Wide range of contact current ratings (60A to 200A)

  • Meeting various international standards (e.g. UC3 )

  • Customised assemblies with stranded wires, brass terminals, CTs, shunts and even meter cases

Product Parameters

  • Rated Load: 100A 250VAC

  • Contact Form: 1A/B

  • Rated Coil Consumption: 1.5 / 3W(20ms)

  • Contact Material AgSnO2

  • Compact Size: 39*30*18.5mm

  • Max. Switching Voltage: 277VAC

  • Max. Switching Power: 27700VA

  • Contact Resistance: <2mΩ

  • Pick-up Time: 20ms

  • Release Time: 20ms

  • Electrical Endurance: 5000 Cycles

  • Mechanical Endurance: 100000 Cycles

  • Temp.Rise: ≤55K When Ambient 40℃ 

  • Ambient Temperature: -40℃~70℃

  • Ambient Humidity: 45%~90%RH

Application Case