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  • MD0630T01A 6mA DC 30mA AC B Type Leakage Protection RCD Device Residual Current Monitor for EV Charger
  • MD0630T01A 6mA DC 30mA AC B Type Leakage Protection RCD Device Residual Current Monitor for EV Charger
  • MD0630T01A 6mA DC 30mA AC B Type Leakage Protection RCD Device Residual Current Monitor for EV Charger

MD0630T01A 6mA DC 30mA AC B Type Leakage Protection RCD Device Residual Current Monitor for EV Charger

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Product parameters

Product Overview

MD0630T01A is an automotive grade high sensititivity AC DC leakage current sensor which has the characteristics of accurate measurement, small size and integration. The leakage sensor can be set separately for AC and DC leakage. An alarm signal is generated when the set current is reached. The leakage sensor has a digital output function, which can directly read the current value of DC and AC. Which can also be called residual current sensor, residual current monitor (RCM), residual current device (RCD), differential current sensor, fluxgate current sensor and fault current sensor etc. it is ideally suited for use with Electric Vehicle charging cables (Mode 2 Protection) and EV charging stations (Mode 3 Protection). When a leakage current that exceeds the rated AC or DC level is detected, It will signal to the Smart EVSE.

To satisfy new standards including IEC 62752, IEC 62955, IEC 61851-1 etc, the charging of electrical vehicles requires residual current sensors to avoid hazardous situations in cases where the vehicle battery (DC) is connected to the home power supply (AC). This is new type of Fluxgate Current Sensor; it's based on the principle of magnetic modulation. It can be used to measure leakage currents including DC, AC, and AC and DC stacks, generally used as a DC leakage current detection and protection in equipment that uses DC operation. 

MD series sensor are type B RCD/RCM, which are used where DC residual currents could occur, in addition to normal AC, can detect high-frequency AC and pure DC earth leakage currents. The tripping conditions are defined with different frequencies from 50Hz to 1kHz. Reducing the risk of fire or electrocution through output digital alarm signal. MD series Type B RCD is an ideal protection device against different leakage currents in applications of electric vehicle charging, photovoltaic systems (solar panels), industrial device, medical device, new energy, DC screen, fire distribution cabinet, IOT field etc.

MD0630T01A EV 20mA AC 5mA DC Leakage Detection Fluxgate Residual Current Sensor for on-board Charger

Product Features

1. Complies with the DC and AC protection requirements of IEC62752 or IEC62955

2. Small Size, Integration Design, Vertical(Pin, Pin&Cable Type)/Horizontal(Cable Type) Mounting Optional

3. Integrated self-monitoring and test functions, Residual Fault Leakage Current Detection

4. AC DC Leakage Data Readable; Alarm Value Programmable; 3 Way Alarm Outputs

5. URAT Comm. with Modbus Protocol; Standard: EN 61000-6-3:2007+A1 ,EN IEC 61000-6-1:2019

6. Professional Certification TUV(IEC 62955/IEC 62752/IEC 61851-1; UL 2231-1/UL 2231-2); CE-EMC Certified

7. Type B RCMU for EV charger pile protection, all-in-one highly integrated digital output

Product Parameters

  • Wide voltage input: 12V±20%

  • Measuring current range: DC current 2-15mA; AC current 3-100mA (default threshold: DC 6mA, AC 30mA)

  • Accuracy : at 25℃, DC±0,2mA, AC±0.3mA

  • Can read current value and set alarm current value

  • Three outputs: DC alarm, AC alarm, AC/DC alarm

  • Working environment temperature: -25℃~+80℃

  • Plastic case, small SIP package

EV Charging Application

Within an electrical vehicle, the AC/DC conversion process ensures that charging of the electrical vehicle occurs within the confines of the electrical vehicle itself. Electrical vehicle manufacturers state that, in the case of a 3-phase charger, DC current leakage can occur. The same phenomenon is replicated in the case of a single-phase charger with boost stage.

The electrical vehicle cannot be fully isolated and therefore a proper protection against DC residual current is needed in the system. The protection can be accomplished either with a 6mA detection device (Residual direct current detecting device, RDC-DD) inside the charger or with a Type B RCD either inside the panel board or inside the charger itself.

MD0630T01A Automotive 20mA AC 5mA DC Earth Leakage Current Monitoring Fluxgate Sensor for on-board Charger