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  • MD0630T01A Compact 6mA DC RCD Tester Leakage Current Sensor for Wallbox AC Charger
  • MD0630T01A Compact 6mA DC RCD Tester Leakage Current Sensor for Wallbox AC Charger
  • MD0630T01A Compact 6mA DC RCD Tester Leakage Current Sensor for Wallbox AC Charger

MD0630T01A Compact 6mA DC RCD Tester Leakage Current Sensor for Wallbox AC Charger

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Product parameters

Product Overview

MD0630T01A is a high sensititivity AC DC leakage current sensor for electric vehice charging station, which can also be called residual current sensor, residual current monitor (RCM), residual current device(RCD), differential current sensor, leakage detection sensor, fault current sensor etc. 

To satisfy new standards including IEC 62955,IEC 62752, IEC 61851-1,and UL 2231-1 etc, the charging of electric vehicles requires leakage current sensors to avoid  hazardous situations in cases where the vehicle battery(DC) is connected to the home power supply(AC). 

Generally, AC DC Sensitive residual current sensors can be used where DC and AC circuits are directly connected and therefore AC DC leakage currents occur. our MD series leakage sensor would be required to guarantee safety in the event of DC fault current. Used in electric vehicle charging pile (mode 2 and 3 protection)

Product Features

1. DC 2-15mA, AC 3-100mA, Alarm Output: DC 6mA AC 30mA

2. Small Volume, Integration Design,Vertical(Pin, Pin&Cable Type)/Horizontal(Cable Type) Mounting Optional

3. Digital Output and Detection of Fault and Leakage Current

4. AC DC Leakage Data Readable; Alarm Value Programmable; 3 Way Alarm Outputs

5. URAT Comm. with Modbus Comm.Protocal

6. Professional Certified IEC 62955/IEC 62752/IEC 61851-1; UL 2231-1/UL 2231-2; TUV; CE-EMC 

7. Leakage Current Measurement for Mode 2 and Mode 3 EV Charging


Product Parameters

  • Wide voltage input: 12V±20%

  • Measuring current range: DC current 2-15mA; AC current 3-100mA (default threshold: DC 6mA, AC 30mA)

  • Accuracy : at 25℃, DC±0,2mA, AC±0.3mA

  • Can read current value and set alarm current value

  • Three outputs: DC alarm, AC alarm, AC/DC alarm

  • Working environment temperature: -25℃~+80℃

  • Plastic case, small SIP package

MD0630T01A CE/IEC62955 Compact Leakage Detection 6mA DC Current Sensor for EV AC Charger

Typical Application

Charging mode 2

IC-CPD in charging cables for electric vehicles (EV) and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV)

Charging mode 3

Wallboxes for charging EV and PHEV

Charging piles for charging EV and PHEV


FAQ of Leakage Sensor:

Q1:what is this?
A:It's an EV type residual current monitor, providing leakage protection for Mode2/Mode 3 charging and complying with the requirements of the relevant standards for leakage protection in the European market.
Q2:How does this work?
A:Smoothed DC residual currents can occur in certain power electronics applications. Smoothed DC residual currents can prevent conventional AC-type and type A residual current protection devices (RCDs) from functioning properly, with RCD inactivity or normal operation malfunction in the event of an electric shock. EV charging is a typical load that can generate a smooth DC residual current component and for effective personal safety protection, the IEC 62955 standard provides for the protection of possible smooth DC residual currents from EV charging. It effectively eliminates the loophole of AC 30mA residual current protection caused by smooth DC residual components and effectively disconnects the conductive part, making it far safer and more reliable than the combination of residual current monitoring module and relay on the charging post board.

Q3:Why do AC charging posts generate smooth residual currents?
A:The main reason is that the insulation of that part of the DC/DC inside the OBC is broken, which can be caused by driving the car for a long time, bumps and bumps, careless maintenance, etc., and then smooth DC residual current will be generated.
Q4:Why choose it?
A:This product combines 6mA DC monitoring, detection and 30mA Type A residual current protection in one device. It offers the following advantages: Safe and reliable Integrates multiple protection against short circuit, overload, residual current (sinusoidal AC, pulsating DC and smooth DC faults) in one device; the neutral pole can be opened and closed to cut off both the fire and zero wires in the event of a fault, making the charging process safer.