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  • MD0630T41A-1 Switch Output Type B RCD AC DC Zero Phase Leakage Current Transformer for IC-CPD Project
  • MD0630T41A-1 Switch Output Type B RCD AC DC Zero Phase Leakage Current Transformer for IC-CPD Project
  • MD0630T41A-1 Switch Output Type B RCD AC DC Zero Phase Leakage Current Transformer for IC-CPD Project

MD0630T41A-1 Switch Output Type B RCD AC DC Zero Phase Leakage Current Transformer for IC-CPD Project

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Product parameters

Product Details

MD0630T41A-1 is a high sensititivity ac dc leakage current sensor for electric vehice charging station, It has the characteristics of high sensitivity, correct measurement, small size and compact/integration design. The leakage current sensor can be set separately for AC and DC leakage. When leakage current is detected, an alarm signal is generated. Which can also be called residual current sensor, residual current monitor (RCM), residual current device (RCD), differential current sensor, zero phase current transformer and fault current sensor etc. “Residual current” refers to the leakage current from an electrical system to the ground, often as a result of a “ground fault”. Leakage currents can flow through a human body to ground resulting in a risk of electric shock, injury or burns, and can cause overheating and risk of fire. 

MD0630T41A-1 is a Type B RCD/RCM. A device which monitors the residual current in an electrical installation and activates an alarm when the residual current exceeds the operating value of the device. It is able to withstand and properly function in the presence of a DC residual current component exceeding 6 mA. Zero phase current transformer Type A/ Type B made by IVY is widely used in GFCI, residual current device and other electrical safety protection device like EV Charging. These devices will issue an alarm signal when it detects that current is flowing along an unintended path, such as through water or a person. It is used to reduce the risk of electric shock, which can cause the heart to stop or cause burns. They can also prevent some fires, like when a live wire touches a metal conduit. MD Series RCD suitable for many industries including electric vehicle charger, photovoltaic systems, industrial device, medical device, new energy field, DC screen, fire distribution cabinet, IOT field etc.

MD0630T41A-1 AC DC Leakage Detection Type B RCD Groud Fault Protection Zero Phase Current Transformer

Product Features

1. Fixed 6mA DC and 30mA AC trip levels; 3000A surge withstand capability; "Fault” output – Open collector

2. Small Size, Integration Design, Vertical(Pin, Pin&Cable Type)/Horizontal(Cable Type) Mounting Optional

3. Integrated self-monitoring and test functions, Digital Output, Residual Fault Leakage Current Protection

4. AC DC Leakage Data Readable; Alarm Value Programmable; 3 Way Alarm Outputs

5. URAT Comm, with Modbus Protocol; Standard: EN 61000-6-3:2007+A1 ,EN IEC 61000-6-1:2019

6. Professional Certification: TUV(IEC 62955/IEC 62752/IEC 61851-1); UL 2231-1/UL 2231-2; IS17017; CE-EMC 

7. Suitable for Load current up to 80 Arms (1-phase) or 3 x 32 Arms (3-phase)

Product Parameters

  • Wide voltage input: 12V±20%

  • Measuring current range: DC current 2-15mA; AC current 3-100mA (default threshold: DC 6mA, AC 30mA)

  • Accuracy class: at 25℃, DC±0,2mA, AC±0.3mA

  • Working environment temperature: -25℃~+80℃

  • Installation: Cable Type

  • Plastic casing: SIP encapsulation

MD0630T41A-1 Type B RCD Protection AC DC Zero Phase Leakage Sensor Ground Fault Current Transformer

Product Application

As the residual current protective devices (RCD) is widely used in low-voltage distribution system to prevent electric shock accidents, leakage damage of electrical equipment and fire caused by electrical leakage. MD0630T41A-1 residual current monitoring module monitors and immediately stops electrical risks that can occur during below Applications. 

  • Ground fault current detection

  • Solar inverter residual current 

  • Converter leakage current detection 

  • UPS and other power ground fault detection

  • Electric vehicle charging station

  • Single or 3 Phases differential current detection

  • Indusrtrail Automation, Smart Home, IOT Field, Power Distribution Cabinet